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According to the IAB Europe study from Mediascope Europe, 426.9 million Europeans go online every week with 37% accessing the Internet using more than one device. 64% of people access the web via a computer, 415.7 million people, and 21% use the Internet on their mobile phone (139.2m).

European Internet Users


% Online Using A Computer

% Using A Mobile

Europe Average



Western Europe



Northern Europe



Southern Europe



Central & Eastern Europe



Source: IAB Europe/Mediascope, June 2012

Using the internet via a computer is most popular in Norway and Switzerland (89%) and users are most likely to be aged between 25-44 years old (44%). Mobile internet users are most likely to be 16-24 years old (30%) and using the internet via a mobile phone is most popular in the UK, Norway and Sweden where more than 4 in 10 access the internet via this device.

Key European findings revealed at IAB Europe’s Interactive conference:

  • 426.9m Europeans use the Internet (65%), spending 14.8 hours online each week

  • 37% of Europeans access the Internet using more than one device

  • Traditional media activities are rapidly moving online with more than 9 in 10 European Internet users visiting news websites

  • Europeans are using the web and watching TV simultaneously to complement their viewing experience

  • The Internet has become an essential way for brands to engage with consumers with 4 in 10 European internet users agreeing that the way a brand communicates online is important

  • 96% of European Internet users research online for purchases and 87% shop online

European’s spend a total of 14.8 hours online each week. Those using a computer spend 13.3 hours, compared to 9.4 hours among those using mobile phones and 9.3 hours for those using tablets, and 6.8 hours via games console.  

What stands out in this research is how much of this ‘traditional’ media is now being consumed online, says the report:  

  • 91% of internet users read news online (388.5m), with men more likely to be consumers of news online than women, while 35-54 year olds are the most likely to read news online

  • 73% of internet users watch TV online (311.6m) - 16-24 year olds are the most likely to watch TV online - at 83% - closely followed by 35-44 year olds (81%)

  • 67% of internet users listen to the radio online (286.0m) – this increases to 81% of 16-24s, and men are more likely than women to listen to the radio online


European Traditional Media Consumption Online (% of Internet Users, June 2012)


Age Group

Online Activity

Watch TV

Read Newspapers

Listen to Radio





























Source: IAB Europe/Mediascope, June 2012

48% of Europeans say they use the internet while watching TV, and 16% of all time spent watching TV in Europe is done while using the internet. Europe’s heaviest online/TV multi-taskers are the Norwegians at 70%, followed by 68% of TV watchers in France and 62% of those watching TV in the UK. 33% of all TV and online multi-taskers say the online activity they’re doing is likely to be related to the TV program they’re watching.

Alison Fennah, Vice President of Research and Marketing for IAB Europe comments, “... many Europeans are... using the web and watching TV simultaneously... a third of those are consuming complementary content... companies that... adapt to these changing consumption patterns will... succeed in the future.”

The Internet has become an essential way for brands to communicate and engage with consumers:

  • 51% say the internet helps them choose better products/services

  • 47% are inclined to find out more about products they see advertised online

  • 46% of internet users say they often visit the website of their favorite brands

  • 41% of European internet users agree that the way a brand communicates online is important

  • 30% of Internet users are more likely to buy a product of a brand they follow on a social networking site

96% of European Internet users research online for purchases, 87% shop online and 19% of all their shopping is done via the Internet. In a six month period Europeans spent €188 billion buying goods and services online, an average of €544 per European online shopper. Norwegian Internet shoppers averaged the highest spend online (€1,162) followed by Swiss (€919) and Danish (€894) online shoppers. UK Internet users devote the greatest share of total shopping spend to online (32.0%) followed by German (25.4%).

Fennah concludes, “... the internet is being used together with traditional media... consumers... are using multiple devices to enjoy a huge variety of media

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